Facial Hair Removal for Women and Men

does the nono hair remover really work?Bye-Bye Unwanted Hair and Mustache!

Not a lot of women like to talk about it, but it’s something many deal with on a daily basis. For many women, facial hair is an embarrassing problem that won’t go away.

There are many options available to correct this problem, but some can be costly and painful. Some treatments work better than others, but aren’t always one hundred percent effective. We all want soft, hair-free, and unblemished skin. What’s a girl to do? Why?

The reasons why women get hair growth on their facial area varies. Many times it is simply a matter of genetics. Does your grandmother or even your mother have a mustache? If so, you may one day have the same problem.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects up to 10% of all women of reproductive age. One annoying symptom of PCOS is excessive hair growth. While this is not true of all PCOS patients, up to 75% of them will see this in one form or another. This hair will not always appear on the face, but quite often it shows up on the upper lip or on the chin.

Some women just have darker hair than others. We all have a fine layer of hair on our faces, but some women’s just grows thicker and darker than others.

Some women will develop facial hair once they reach menopause. It’s quite common, and comes in relation to the hormonal changes that are taking place inside your body.


I have a friend who, due to her ancestry, has a very faint mustache. She buys a bleaching kit at her local supermarket and bleaches the hair on her upper lip. If she hadn’t told me about it, I never would have noticed. If you have fine hair on your face that is just a bit too dark for your liking, this is a great option for you. This process is quick and painless, though you should never bleach when your skin is irritated.


I’ve heard all my life that if you shave it will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker. This really isn’t true. The hairs will not get thicker or darker, but the razor will cut off the fine tip of the hair. When this happens the hair appears to be thicker and darker, but in reality it’s just got a flat tip on it. This gives it a thicker, fuller appearance.

Try No No Hair Removal

I highly recommend the no no painless hair removal system. This gets 99% of the hair and does a way better job than a regular razor. This is almost considered a ‘laser’ treatment. This technology works fast and gets rid of hair on all areas of the body. It is pain free. The only weird thing is the smell that emits from the nono but its well worth it and goes away quickly.

What is the Advantage of the No No Hair Removal System?

Advantages of No No Hair Remover

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